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CryptoPad is different from other services for keeping secret information. We do not have your password and are unable to get your data since it is encrypted on your computer. You don't need to worry if CryptoPad is secure — just be sure to secure your computer.

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Changes in new version:

  • A new "Password Directory" application for storing logins and passwords added. Features include password auto-generation, quick search and additional anti-pry protection.
  • Password change option added. Now you can change your CryptoPad password at any time for extra security.

More information is available in the Manual or in the new quick help system you can use after logging into your CryptoPad.

You can use CryptoPad for:

Storing logins and/or passwords for different online services. You can store all your logins and/or passwords for online shops, mail, blogs, forums etc. in one safe place. You are able to access them from any computer, connected to the Internet, not leaving this data on the computer, so that no one is able to get it.

Keeping important info to be available in the case of emergency. When traveling you can store important data (passport or credit card numbers, phone numbers etc.) in your CryptoPad. If you lose your documents or things, you still have this info which is useful in emergency.

Notepad at hand. A simple notepad accessible at any corner of the world, where the Internet is available. You can make notes with no risk of your info is going to be violated.

CrytpoPad is better

Real security — you hand your password over to no one, even to us. All data protection is done on your computer. There is no way to decipher your notes without the password.

Simple — no long multi-step registration with complex options. You simply enter your name and password, and start editing your notes as text, no extra actions necessary.

Convenient — instant access to your secret data from any computer connected to the Internet. No software or special browser options required.

Compatible browsers:

Opera 9.6+Opera 9.6+
FireFox 2.0+FireFox 2.0+
Safari 4.0+Safari 4.0+
Chrome 3.0+Chrome 3.0+

In case of compatibility problems please contact us.

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