Safe for your information

User's manual

New account

To register a new account fill in the New Account form on the main page and click Register button. Your name should consist of not less than four symbols, which can be only Latin letters, numbers and "-" (in the middle). If the chosen name is free, you are directed to your personal CryptoPad page, where you must enter and re-enter your password, and than click Register button. After successful registration, you should create first page in your CryptoPad by entering its title.

Enter CryptoPad

To enter CryptoPad go to your personal CryptoPad page. Its domain name goes as, where your_name is the name you have chosen for your CryptoPad account. On your CryptoPad page enter your password and click "Sign in" button. If you enter a wrong password, you receive an error message and have to re-enter your password.


CryptoPad information is stored in several separate pages of different types. Available page types are: simple notepad (text with simple formatting), password directory (records with account information).

To create new page click the "plus" button next to chosen page type label, then enter the page title. It must not be empty or repeat an existing one. Save new page once to leave it on server.

To switch between pages click a title in the page list. If current page was changed you will be asked to discard changes or to go back and save the current page. To change page title or to delete a page click the appropriate button next to the title of the page (they appear when the mouse pointer is over the page title).

The number of pages as well as amount of stored data is limited. Both total and current page space used are shown on the top of page. Total number of pages and number of created pages are displayed in brackets next to each page type in page list.

Edit text pages

Selecting simple notepad page you see text editor area, containing text of currently selected page. Here you can enter, edit or delete text in a usual way. To formatting text use toolbar buttons on top of the window. When you make any change, the window frame turn red, indicating the changes are not saved. To save them press "Save" button on the toolbar. When the changes are saved, the frame goes back white.

Edit password cards

In Password Directory you can store your logins and password. The data is stored in the form of cards. Each card contains title (resource name, for example), login, password and notes.

Passwords in cards are shown as asterisks for security reason. To view full information activate card by clicking it. The active card can be edited or deleted by clicking buttons top right of the card. Changes you made can be later saved or discarded. You can generate random password by clicking the button next to password field.

For quick title search use filter. Enter part of the title into filter edit box so that you will se only cards with matching titles (and the active card).

Sign out

To exit CryptoPad simply press logout button on the toolbar. At this all your secret data, including your password and text are automatically removed from the browser's memory. It is especially important for multi-page or multi-tab browsers such as IE7, FireFox and Opera.

Important note about "Enable JavaScript please" error

CryptoPad uses JavaScript on client-side, so you should enable JavaScript in your browser to use CryptoPad. Refer to your browser manual for detailed how-to instructions. Common solution for Internet Explorer is to add * sites into "Trusted sites" group.


What guarantees my data security?
Your data is encrypted on your computer by AES method using your password. Only encrypted data is sent through the Internet and stored at the server. Your password is not sent or stored anywhere, so only you can decipher your data.
What is the maximum size of data stored?
At present you can store as much as 64 Kb in total and 8Kb per page. This is enough to store short important data like passwords, financial notes etc. Note that some non-latin characters can contain more than one byte so real length of text may be less.
I forgot/lost my password. How can I restore it and/or my data?
There is no way to do it. We do not have your password or any information to get it. This is the key feature of our service, making it absolutely safe. Please, use password that you will not forget.
I hear HTTPS protocol to be much more secure for data transition. Why then does CryptoPad not use it?
While using CryptoPad you do not send any passwords or any open data to our server, so that's no use in securing data any more and thus no difference what protocol to use.
I enjoyed using CryptoPad! How can I support it?
Now you can support CryptoPad in these ways:
  • Language support. If you are good at a language we do not have yet, you are welcome to translate pages of our site into this language. For details please contact service administration by feedback form. © 2008—2011