Safe for your information

Terms of service

Version at 02/11/2011

1. General issues

1.1. provides information storage service. The stored information is protected from the access of a third party. The protection is performed by enciphering the data on user's computer using a user-defined password. All information sent through the network and stored in the server database is previously enciphered. When user gets his data back, it is deciphered only on his computer using his password. CryptoPad has no access to the password and is not able neither to decipher the data, nor to restore user-defined password. This ensures the high level of protection for the data stored by user.

1.2. To start using CryptoPad one should choose a user name (login) free at the moment. Then one must define a password, getting an account (a notepad) to keep the data.

1.3. The service is provided free of charge. Data volume to be stored in one account is limited due to technical reasons. The administration can unilaterally limit new accounts registration or change volume limit for one account ad lib.

1.4. User himself is liable for keeping his password and securing it from third parties access. The administration has no technical possibility to restore user's password or data if password is lost.

2.1. User agrees to use this service only in accordance with any applicable law, regulation or generally accepted practices or guidelines in the relevant jurisdictions. Note that this may limit using such data encrypting services. The user himself is liable for using this service in accordance with legislation.

2.2. User agrees not to use this service to store information, protected by copyright and/or information if its storage and/or distribution are prohibited by law.

3. Proprietary rights

3.1. The service owns all legal right, title and interest, to the service name, third-level domain names (logins), hardware in use. The service can restrict usage of third-level domain names at any time without prior announcement.

3.2. All rights to the software are owned by their authors.

3.3. All rights to the stored data are owned by users of the service.

4. Limitation of liability

4.1. The service is granted "AS IS". We are not liable for possible data loss, interruption or failure of services to some or all users, as well as for any direct or indirect damage caused to users or third parties as a result of using the service or impossibility of using the service.

5. Changing terms of use

6.1. The administration may change these terms unilaterally without notifying users in advance. The current version of terms is available at this page. The changes in terms take effect as soon as they are published on this site, unless otherwise indicated.

Registering and using this service imply that you accept hereinabove terms. © 2008—2011